Educational and Research Center of Visual Anthropology and Ego-History

Educational and Research Center of Visual Anthropology and Ego-History

The main task of the Center is to work out new interdisciplinary approaches to visual anthropology and ego-history, and to develop teaching materials based on these approaches.
One of the priority directions of the Center’s activities is recording and publishing audiovisual memoirs by renowned representatives of the intellectual elite of the Soviet and post-Soviet time.
Audiovisual memoirs open broad perspectives both for research and education. Their emotional component makes them a window not only into understanding, but also into feeling and reliving the national history of the previous century.
Another direction of the activities of the Center is discussions of the most important interdisciplinary problems of visual anthropology at the ongoing seminar with participation of leading Russian and foreign experts.
In the course of six years the researches of the Center have published dozens of books and articles on different aspects of its research agenda.


Director of the Center
Dr. Natalia I. Basovskaya
Associate Professor
Chair of the Department of General History of RSUH


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Chayanova Str. 15,
build. 6, Rm #338
Moscow, Russia

+7 (499) 250 6108